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 Janus, combined with the Zündapp Janus, is a unique concept that reveals the duality and often times fickle nature of humans.

 Perhaps you can also include Janus along with the images of Dr. Jekyll, Hyde, the Hulk, and the wicked witches that may live inside us?

 Zündapp Janus, the motif of Janus, began as a project to diversify the business of German aircraft manufacturer Dornier Flugzeugwerke. It was produced in 1957 by Zündapp, a motorcycle manufacturer.

 The “coming or going” design featured a four-seater car with two front seats and two rear seats made for optimum use of the enclosed space. The design included both a front door and a rear door that opened and closed, resembling the Roman god Janus. This unusual structure is what influenced the design of Janus.

 Rollis is a special scale car that combines classic cars with characters from the past. The classic cars that were thriving in the 1950s and the unique characters that ride in them are produced in limited quantities.

 For true collectors, we pursued perfection by adding vibrant characters and paying attention to the smallest details to create the best possible product.

 The body is not a die-casting, but an eco-friendly resin structure. It is a hand-made process, the main part of which is the attention to detail applied to each car through a plating treatment rather than spraying.


 The Janus Series is available in a Sap Green color.

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