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Madam.K, combined with Isetta, shows the concept of fat Mrs. Kim’s embarrassment whenever she takes hold of the steering wheel. Even though she doesn’t have any sense of direction and is technologically illiterate, her passion for driving and classic vehicles is extraordinary!

 Isetta, the motif of Madam.K, was developed in the early 1950s. The original model is a representative model of a “microcar” and is 176 cm long and 152 cm wide, which is less than half the size a passenger car needs for two passengers.

 Rollis is a special scale car that combines classic cars with characters from the past. The classic cars that were thriving in the 1950s and the unique characters that ride in them are produced in limited quantities.

 For true collectors, we pursued perfection by adding vibrant characters and paying attention to the smallest details to create the best possible product.


 The body is not a die-casting, but an eco-friendly resin structure. It is a hand-made process, the main part of which is the attention to detail applied to each car through a plating treatment rather than spraying.

 The Madam.K series is available in four colors.

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