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Vivien x Vespa98

Vivien, combined with the Nouva 500, is an icon representing the chic and sexy Rollis.

She is a former F1 racer, and has excellent driving skills. Her concept is to defeat the men with her tremendous speed-holic personality.

 Fiat Nouva 500, the motif of Vivien, was Italy's leading microcar developed in 1957.


 The Nouva 500 Series was born from the hands of Italian car designer Dante Giacosa. It was called the “Cinquecento,” or simply “500” in Italian. The vehicle was created to have a very practical design to meet the mobility needs of individuals after World War II.


 Rollis is a special scale car that combines classic cars with characters from the past. The classic cars that were thriving in the 1950s and the unique characters that ride in them are produced in limited quantities.


 For true collectors, we pursued perfection by adding vibrant characters and paying attention to the smallest details to create the best possible product.

 The body is not a die-casting, but an eco-friendly resin structure. It is a hand-made process, the main part of which is the attention to detail applied to each car through a plating treatment rather than spraying.


 The Vivien Series is available in a Light Grey and Pearl White color.

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