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Trading on the Power of Nostalgia,
“Rollis” reinterprets Retro cars of
the 1950s for Avid collectors

‘Rollis’ has meaning of ‘a vehicle’, together with ‘something that rolls.’

The Rollis project is a New Retro plan that reinterpret classic cars of the 1950s in

modern day terms. We combined these redesigns with various nostalgic characteristics and created unique philosophies to express stories.


Yes, we built a completely new world

and named it “Rollis”.

 Rollis toy car is the carefully and expertly hand-crafted models are cast in a 1:18  scale and 1:24 scale resin body for season1 and 1:24 scale die casting for season2 models and finished with eight coats of high-impact, highgloss spray and UV coating finally.

These limited edition creations are a testament to automobile design as a labor of Love. It is not just about the idea of nostalgia. These retro-inspired designs spark

a personal connection that each collector makes to a time when design ruled

the automobile industry.

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