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Spinner x AlfaRomeo Giulia

Spinner, combined with the Tg500, is a jubilant, mischievous, youthful concept.

 Once he grabs the steering wheel, he loves to feel the speed of the car but hates having to yield to other cars on the road. He loves his car more than anything else because he is a total car nerd.

 The Kabinenroller Series, the motif of Spinner, was a sports car made by German aircraft manufacturer Messerschmitt in 1953.


 Messerschmitt was able to manufacture aircraft again in 1956. The production of automobiles was then produced by FMR until production ended in 1964.

 Developed from three wheels to four, the four-wheel-based Tg 500 had a great impact on the design of Spinner.

Rollis is a special scale car that combines classic cars with characters from the past.

 The classic cars that were thriving in the 1950s and the unique characters that ride in them are produced in limited quantities.


 For true collectors, we pursued perfection by adding vibrant characters and paying attention to the smallest details to create the best possible product.


 The body is not a die-casting, but an eco-friendly resin structure. It is a hand-made process, the main part of which is the attention to detail applied to each car through a plating treatment rather than spraying.


 The Spinner Series is available in an Ocean Blue color.

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